The Joe Dillon Difference Book 2

April 2, 2022

Joe Dillon holding hand weights for the article The Joe Dillon Difference Book 2

Optimal Health

As you know, The Joe Dillon Difference is about Optimal Health, Peak Performance, and Maximum Health Span. 

 But what do we really mean when we speak of Optimal Health? What does Optimal Health look like? How do we measure Optimal Health? How do we go about “optimizing” our health? Can we, in fact, optimize our health on purpose? How much control do we really have over our health?

Is being lean and healthy just plain luck? How much of our health is genetic? Did a lucky few win the “health gene lottery”? Did a lot of us just inherit “bad heart health” genes? Like my Dad who dropped dead of a heart attack at age 46?

How much of performance can we actually alter or control? Can we actually enhance our performance? Can we enhance the performance of our high school athletic kids?  

How do we measure our physical and/or our mental performance? Can we prevent and/or dispel “brain fog” and/or “senior moments”?

What is the difference between life span and health span? Can we live longer on purpose? This question is especially relevant now when American longevity has been declining for several years with no improvement is sight. Or is the length and quality of our life just another quirk of genetics?

Is there a difference between our chronological age and our biological age?

Can we slow down the aging process? What does it mean “to age”? Do some of our lifestyle habits actually accelerate the aging process?

If we want to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life, what should we emphasize and what should we avoid?

The last time I thoroughly researched and analyzed all aspects of the Joe Dillon Difference lifestyle including optimal health, producing peak performance, and maximizing our health span was 2011. That was when I wrote and published a 300 page book about the Joe Dillon Difference lifestyle.

Over the last ten plus years, there have been major scientific research break throughs as well as major challenges such as the covid-19 global pandemic.  

In fact, covid-19 highlighted 3 major factors which determined who got sick and died from covid and who got barely a sniffle. Those 3 factors called underlying health conditions include type-2 diabetes, obesity, and low blood levels of vitamin D. What do those 3 factors have in common? If we know what we are doing or if we are open-minded enough to learn, all 3 of those factors are completely controllable, preventable and completely reversible.  

In fact, it was the covid pandemic that was the catalyst that galvanized me to completely and thoroughly think through the Joe Dillon difference. As many of you know, I am a voracious reader. So far I have read 17 books about covid. Many of these books discussed in detail the deep scientific research that made the miracle of the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines possible. Messenger RNA are some of the safest, most effective vaccines in history and were developed and produced in record time. Messenger RNA research is opening up a massive new break through of understanding and treatment of a whole host of major health challenges such as cancer, for example.

We are living on the threshold of a whole new era of unimagined health, performance, and long term quality of life.  

And, as it turns out, many of the lifestyle habits that I have practiced and advocated for decades (since 1979) are essential for preventing and reversing the 3 major underlying conditions that result in hospitalization and death versus a 1-2 day sniffle or being asymptomatic.

So it turns out that whey protein isolate (JDD protein shakes) is one of the single most effective daily health habits we can practice to keep us lean (vs. obese) with a robust immune system (sniffle vs. hospitalization and death via covid).

In addition, taking quality supplements ( website – my Online Store) every day such as vitamin D3 + blood testing every 3 to 6 months (Male or Female Panel ordered via my Online Store) to determine empirically if our vitamin D blood level is near or above 100 (my vitamin D blood level is 116). I did not even get a sniffle during the covid pandemic.  

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This brief introduction is merely the tip of the iceberg of what I will be sharing with you. Twice a month I will write an in depth newsletter bringing my entire Joe Dillon Difference way of life current as of 2022 and beyond. I will share cutting edge information from the best books and research journal articles written by world class researchers.

I want to once again express my sincerest thanks and deepest appreciation for your business and your support during a very challenging time. And to remind you and reassure you that I am still (born 1944) walking my talk with triglycerides of 28, HDL (good) cholesterol of 111, and a fasting insulin of 2.0. Fasting insulin may be the single most revealing blood biomarker for what it says about inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of all degenerative disease including dementia and heart disease. And if we have the discipline and the moral fiber, we have almost complete control over fasting insulin and inflammation. Hint: lose the carbs.

As the old song goes: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be”.
Thank you.
Joe Dillon