Are You Committed? Part 2

December 28, 2022

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You Can't Fake Lean

Your body does not lie.  Your body tells you and everyone in your life who you really are when no one is looking.

In 1979 I started my testing and consulting company.  I have personally tested the body fat of literally thousands of people.  To this day if I see a man in swim trunks or a woman in a 2-piece swimsuit, I can tell their body fat within plus or minus 1 percent.  You can’t fake lean.

I am going to share with you a safe and simple process that will enable you to get and stay leaner than you have ever been in your life.

NOTE: I said simple, not easy.

How to you choose a coach or a guide?

1:  What kind of shape are they in? If they can’t get themselves into outstanding shape, how are they going to help you?

2:  Who have they helped?

I was an All-America swimmer in high school and college and 5% body fat.  I was a fitness and a survival instructor in the United States Marine Corps before becoming a twice-wounded (2 Purple Hearts) combat Marine in Vietnam.  I maintained single digit body fat (9% or less) for over 25 years while traveling over 200,000 miles a year speaking (I have over 5 million miles with American Air Lines).  At 78 years old (I was born in 1944) I am still 12% body fat with triglycerides of 28.

Who I Help

Who have I helped?  22 of my personal clients have won over 60 Olympic Gold medals.  Greg Louganis, one of the greatest divers in Olympic history and winner of 4 Olympic Gold medals is just one example.  I coached one female swimmer to 6.69% body fat.  She set 14 World Records.  I coached one male swimmer to 4% body fat.  He won 2 Olympic Gold medals and set 2 World Records. I coached one female gymnast to 4% body fat.  She won a gold medal.  I coached one male body builder to 3% body fat.  He won Mr. Olympia – the top Professional Body Building title in the world.  I coached another female swimmer to 8% body fat.  She won 4 Olympic Gold medals and was the most decorated female swimmer at the 1984 Olympics.  I have coached and continue to coach hundreds of CEO’s who run $100 million to $billion companies.  Most of my Inner Circle clients rehire me year after year because they want to be the best they can be.

I am also offering you the opportunity to profoundly increase the quality of the life and health of your family.

How do we do this?

First, set your goal. For our purposes let’s make your goal achieving 15% or 22% body fat: a safe and healthy goal that anyone who is committed can attain.

Next, establish your baseline at your current body fat percentage with a Slim Guide (inexpensive and highly accurate) skin fold caliper using the 7-site formula (see photos and references at the end of this newsletter).  Secondly, do a Male or Female blood panel – go to my website ( go to the Online Store.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Third, clean up your diet and your house (if it is in your house, you WILL eat it).  Get rid of all solid and liquid sugar.  That means getting rid of alcohol, fruit juice and soft drinks.  Drink at least your body weight divided by 2 ounces of pure water every single day.  Ingest at least one gram of high-quality animal protein per pound of body weight per day (athletes need 2-3 times this).  Start every single day with a 2 scoop JDD shake made with unsweetened coconut milk and sea-salt to taste.  ½ cup to 1 cup of unsweetened berries is optional.  For additional fat to satiety add uncured (no nitrates) bacon and or pasture-raised eggs.

Within 30 minutes after every single workout, drink a full 2 scoop JDD shake to kick start your recovery process.

Super healthy dinner to burn fat and build muscle:  Fatty red meat like a ribeye steak smothered with butter and sea-salt plus a leafy green salad with olive or avocado oil and sea-salt to taste.

Snacks (optional):  macadamia nuts made with sea-salt.

Reminder: do NOT starve yourself – this is not a diet, and it is not about weight loss. If you are getting hungry, eat more healthy fat.

Walk with Heavy Hands (start with 1 pound in each hand) for 30-45 minutes 3 to 5 times every week.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours.  Chronic exhaustion makes us fat and sick.

Do 4 simple measurements every single day and record your results.

1:  Get up, go to the bathroom, strip down naked and weigh yourself.  Write down your result or record it in an excel spreadsheet.

2:  Measure your waist at your navel with a tape measure and record it every day.

3:  Measure your navel skin fold with your Slim Guide Skin Fold caliper (you can get one on Amazon for about 20 bucks).

4:  Measure your thigh skin fold with your Slim Guide skin fold caliper.

With a little practice, you will be able to comfortably do all 4 measurements and record your 4 results in less than 5 minutes.

Body Composition Measuring Guide

Once a week, with your Slim Guide skin fold caliper, measure all 7 sites and enter into your body composition spreadsheet.

Every 3 months, redo your Male or Female blood panel.

We will talk about both body composition results and blood panel results in the new year.

Why do we have to do these 4 measurements and record our results every single day?  Because it is so hard to stay in the present and to stay connected with reality.

Look around.  The vast majority of Americans are fat, sick, and addicted to sugar, alcohol and social media.  The average American spends 6-7 hours a day watching TV or playing video games.  They have not read a book since they left school.  To quote a line from the movie “Men in Black” “they are living short pointless lives”.

Do this handful of safe and simple steps with real commitment.  It is life changing.

This is your opportunity to get lean and optimally healthy.  To have a fit attractive body to be proud of.

And, in the process, you will enjoy a level of energy and clarity you never thought possible.

Let’s make 2023 your best year yet.

Thank you for listening.

As always, I appreciate your business and your support.

And remember:  the better you take care of yourself, the more you have to give to others.



Body composition results chart