2023 Resolutions Part 1

January 18, 2023

Winter road

Achieving Small Goals to Accomplish Bigger Ones

Your 2023 resolutions are for the entire year of 2023. Just because you slip, does not mean your 2023 resolution is void. The idea is to keep progressing and to accomplish your big goal by or before the end of the year.

Let’s continue to use the goal of achieving 15% body fat or less or 22% body fat or less respectively. Again, as a reminder, these are the standards established by exercise physiology science as optimal for human health. Leaner is better. You can be too thin. You can’t be too lean.

Our bigger goal is made up of smaller daily goals. If we are striving to be leaner, what are some examples of smaller daily goals (process goals) that will move you toward your leaner, healthier, more attractive body?

What is the first essential of the Joe Dillon essentials for optimal health, peak performance, and maximum health span?
Drinking water. Getting and staying well hydrated.

Notice: I did not say drink more liquids. It is about drinking water. Not coffee – a major dehydrator. Or fruit juice, or soft drinks, or diet sodas, or alcohol. All major dehydrators.

It is about drinking your current body weight divided by 2 in ounces of water per day.

Example: a 200 pound person would need to drink at least 100 ounces of pure water every single day. That’s approximately 12 eight ounce glasses of water every day.

Real, lasting change is an incremental process.

If your big goal is getting leaner and more attractive, what is step one? Stocking your house up with cases of water.

What’s the next step?

Putting a bottle of water wherever you spend time. In the kitchen. By your computer. Wherever you watch TV and or movies or streaming video.

Or, you might have one big bottle of water that goes wherever you go so you are constantly reminded to drink your water.

Strategy: As you begin to do more positive, healthy behaviors, they will begin to crowd out your less healthy habits.

Each day a mini-goal is to tick off your glasses of water until to meet or exceed that day’s water goal.

Personal example: My personal goal is to drink at least 100 ounces of water every day. I drink my water in 16 ounce bottles. So my goal each day is to drink at least six 16 ounce bottles of water (6 x 16 = 96).

As I complete each bottle I toss it in a medium sized Rubber Maid bin so I can see tangibly, concretely how I am doing so far that day and how much further I have to go to complete that day’s water goal.

It becomes a game. I am competing against myself. I feel a sense of satisfaction in a job well done if by bedtime there are 6 or more empty 16 ounce water bottles in the bin.

Next morning, I dump the previous day’s empty water bottles into a large recycling bin and start this day’s game.

This is a real action or set of actions that moves me positively, incrementally toward my personal goal of being lean and healthy (walking my talk).

And if I do one simple process every single day for this entire year, I will definitely be leaner and healthier.

Accomplish your little, daily goals in order to accomplish your bigger goal achieving 15% or less body fat or 22% or less body fat respectively by or before the end of the year.

Keep your house well stocked up with cases of water. Top of your grocery shopping list: 2-4 cases of water. (6 bottles per day times 7 days equals 42 16 ounce bottles of water - almost 2 cases (2 x 24 = 48) of water.

This is a way of doing it. This has worked for me since 1979. I am visual – I need to see it. I am kinesthetic – I need to get my body involved to make it real.

What is the second of the Joe Dillon essentials of optimal health?
High quality animal protein.

Nearly everything in our body is made out of protein. The quality of our body is a function of the quality of protein we ingest every day. We can’t store protein.

If you recall, this all began 2.5 million years ago as part of a massive climate change. That’s when our 3 foot tall vegetarian ancestors were forced by their radically changing environment to eat a diet of meat and fat. As a result of this new diet, over the next 2 million years we grew to over 6 feet tall and we grew the biggest brain on the planet relative to our body size .

Because of our evolving genetics over millions of years, human beings thrive on meat and fat (despite conventional wisdom). Our ancestors eating predominately meat and fat were never obese or even fat. They were never diabetic. They never suffered from dementia.

According to science, the highest quality protein in the world is whey protein isolate. Developed in Canada in the late 1990’s from organic, pasture raised milk, whey protein isolate is literally 59% higher quality than the second highest quality protein in the world: pasture raised whole eggs.

For optimal health, performance, and maximum health span, we need approximately one gram of high quality animal protein per pound of our current body weight every day. For the record, my hard training athletes eat 2-3 times this amount of high quality protein every day.

Doing 2 Joe Dillon shakes every day gives you a solid leg up on your daily essential protein needs.

Breakfast is simple for you and your family. 2 cups of unsweetened coconut milk (or whole milk). 2 scoops of JDD protein (2 scoops of Natural Chocolate gives you 48 grams of the highest quality protein in the world – 2 scoops of Natural Vanilla gives you 50 grams of protein per serving). ½ to I cup of unsweetened berries (this is optional). A pinch of sea-salt to taste. You can enrich your JDD shake with healthy fat like butter. Or olive oil. Or avocado oil. Some of my customers put a half or even a whole avocado in every shake. You can add ice to make it even thicker and colder.

Take your essential supplements such as your 6-12 capsules of Super Omega-3 fish oil and your 4 capsules of vitamin D3 with your morning JDD shake. And your just started your day with literally the highest quality possible health.

Do your second JDD shake with in 30 minutes or less of your Heavy Hands workout to kick-start your recovery. These healthy habits are laying the foundation for a lifetime of lean fitness, high energy, and mental sharpness.

Like we do with water if we want to be consistently well hydrated, we stock our house up with at least a couple of cases of JDD protein.

Pound the water, as we like to say. Do at least 2 JDD shakes every day. Do your Heavy Hands walk for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times per week and by summer you will be looking and feeling great.


Thanks for listening.

I appreciate your business.