The Art and Science of the Shake: Part 1

March 29, 2023

The Art and Science of the Shake

Group of JDD protein jars

A JDD shake is the simplest, safest and fastest way to get the highest possible nutrition into your body.  

That’s a pretty bold statement.

Let’s talk about the what, the why and the how of a JDD shake to help you understand and appreciate just what a powerful tool it is for you and your family.

Let’s start at the level of your body’s most fundamental physiological needs.


The first, of course, is oxygen. Oxygen is so fundamental that being deprived of oxygen for even a few minutes is literally life threatening. Which is why if we value our health, we would never smoke anything and why we avoid secondary smoke.


The second most fundamental physiological need of your body is water. All of your thirty trillion plus cells are swimming around in a watery medium. Life on our planet evolved in a saline (slightly salty) medium. Every cell encapsulates a tiny ocean. Hundreds of millions of years ago when life evolved from single cell organisms to multi-cell organisms, life encapsulated bigger oceans. With the Cambrian Explosion about 540 million years ago, large organisms with the body configurations we see today, incorporated “oceans” the size of elephants and whales.  

Pure water is so vital to our human life that even in a temperate climate, we can only live for less than a week without water, and we are in dire distress within a mere 2-3 days.


Virtually everything in your body is made out of protein. Proteins are the workhorses of your body. All your vital functions are carried out by “protein engines” The quality of your body and the quality of the functionality of your body is a function of the quality of the protein you ingest every day – hopefully multiple times a day.

You cannot store protein. So, you have to eat / ingest protein every day. The quality of a fetus – a growing baby – is a function of the quality and quantity of the protein the pregnant woman ingests every day of her pregnancy. The rate and quality of the baby’s growth – it’s body – and especially its brain is a function of the quantity and quality of protein the baby is ingesting via the breast milk from its mother.  

So, again, as in pregnancy, as in lactation, high quality protein multiple times a day is crucial for breast milk and the growing baby as well as replenishing the lactating mother.  

I keep using 2 words: quality and quantity.

Let’s define those 2 terms in relation to the fundamental protein needs of a human being.  

What controls or dictates the kind of “quality” your human body needs when it comes to protein?

Your DNA: the double helix strand of genetic material that is in every single cell in your body.  

Human DNA says we need, for optimal health and functionality, protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids simultaneously. There are a total of 20 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Of those 20, 8 are essential. Essential means your body cannot synthesize them. Therefore, you have to ingest them. You have to eat and/or drink them multiple times a day. Complete proteins, that is, proteins that contain all 8 essential amino acids simultaneously are only found in animal proteins.  

Other species of animals have different DNA’s and different metabolisms so they can make muscle and bone from grass like cows, or from bamboo and other jungle and rain forest plants like gorillas. We humans cannot do that.  

5 to 7 million years ago, our earliest ancestors were primarily vegetarian. They lived mostly in trees, were about 3 feet tall and had very small brains. 2.5 million years ago there was a catastrophic global climate change. That major change forced our very ancient ancestors to begin eating a diet of predominantly meat and fat – scavenging the carcasses of kills deserted by predators. It was either that or go extinct. And, in fact, every species of our early ancestors (and there were over 20 other species) did go extinct except one species – homo sapiens – us. As our ancestors adapted to this radical dietary change, over millions of years, we radically evolved.

With over 2 million years of a diet of predominantly meat (high quality animal protein) and animal fat, we grew from 3 feet tall to an average of over 6 feet tall and we grew (relative to our body size) the largest brains on the planet. To this day, there are at least a dozen cultures that still thrive on a diet of fresh meat and animal fat. 3 examples: Eskimos who for thousands of years have lived above the arctic circle (there are zero carbs above the arctic circle); the Reindeer people who have lived in Siberia for thousands of years and thrived and continue to thrive on a diet of reindeer meat and fat; and Maasai warriors who have raised cattle and continue to thrive on a diet of meat and animal fat.  

One indication of the quality of the nutrition of the diet of a given people is how tall they are. Maasai warriors, along with the Dutch, the Danish, and the Scandanavians (all eating very nutrient-dense, higher animal protein diets) are the tallest people in the world at around 6 feet tall. USA men (with our less than optimal diet) are about 5’ 9” and USA women are 5’5”. Asian men eating a rice (carbs) based diet average 5’2” and Asian women average 4’11”.  Quality (nutrient density) matters.   

From an empirical, scientific point of view, what is the highest quality protein in the world? Whey protein isolate (the #1 ingredient in JDD protein). Whey protein isolate is empirically 59% higher quality than the next highest quality protein in the world. What is the next highest quality protein in the world? Pasture raised whole eggs. Which is exactly why I do two 2-scoop JDD shakes every day, 7 days a week, and eat 6 whole Pasture raised eggs every single day.  

Quantity? How much protein every day? For an average adult human being, we need approximately one gram of complete animal protein per pound of body weight per day. Example: If you weigh 200 pounds, that means you need at least 200 grams of complete animal protein every day.

Growing children – particularly high school and college athletes need significantly more.

Adults over 60 years of age need about 50% more high quality animal protein because as we age, we have a harder time assimilating the optimal amount of protein to keep our muscles and especially our bones healthy and strong, and keep our immune system robust.

 In Part 2, we will talk a lot more about protein, amino acids, and the best protein delivery system ever: a JDD shake.

 Thank you for listening.
 I deeply appreciate your business and your support.