Golden Window: “Secrets” of Weight Loss: Part 1

May 15, 2023

Feet on a bathroom scale

Avoid and Emphasize

Sometimes it is helpful to remember that we as an organism evolved over literally billions of years here on planet earth. By that I mean, like other organisms, we are affected by deep environmental patterns called seasons.  

As just one example, think about bears. During the summer and early fall, bears are doing everything they can to fatten up before they go into winter hibernation.  

As a human example, this is one reason so many human beings fatten up during the holidays. Winter is cold and we want extra fat as insulation against the cold.

Come spring, days begin to get longer and warmer. We are about halfway through spring and the weather is beginning to get pretty comfortable. As we shed our heavy winter layers, we are also entering the Golden Window of weight loss. The next several months – the rest of spring and all the way through summer – is the easiest time physiologically to shed body fat.

To help you take full advantage of this window of opportunity, in this series I will share with you some “secrets” – some scientific, physiological facts that will facilitate your fat burning and toning up.

In this first part, I will share with you an overview so you will have a sense of where we are going. With each subsequent newsletter, I will share with you a deeper understanding of why each “secret” works plus some concrete tools and behaviors to help you attain your leanest, most attractive self. As you know, my first rule is First do no harm. Everything I will share with you (as always) is absolutely safe.  

Secondly, this is not a diet or a quick fix approach. The Joe Dillon Difference program is always simple, practical steps, tools or habits that work and will continue to work for the rest of your long and healthy life.

My basic framework for this series is Avoid and Emphasize. Things, behaviors, foods to avoid because they make you fat and undermine your health. Things, behaviors, foods to emphasize because they will help you get lean and toned and enhance both your short term and your long term health. The first essential is insulin management. Insulin is the most powerful fat storing hormone in your body. The first “secret”: each of us has almost complete control over our insulin. If you want to take full advantage of your Golden Window of weight (fat) loss, the “secret” is to keep your insulin level to a minimum. The “secret”? Avoid carbohydrates.  

Carbohydrates Raise Insulin

Carbohydrates are the number one macronutrient that raises insulin. As part of this series we will measure our fasting insulin via either a Male or Female panel respectively. If you want to get a jump on this process, go to my website and click on the Online Store. Click on the Male or Female panel respectively. This will give you an empirical “before” picture. You will be amazed how much your fasting insulin and your overall blood panel will improve over the next 3 to 6 months.

The next “secret” is animal protein. You need about one gram of high-quality animal protein per pound of body weight per day to protect and build your lean body mass: muscles, bones, organs and the fluids of your body.  

This is one reason two JDD shakes a day is essential. My protein – whey protein isolate is literally the highest quality protein in the world. My protein is pasture raised, 100% organic. One JDD shake for breakfast and your second JDD shake immediately after your workout to kick start your recovery process. Your goal is to lose body fat and enhance lean, toned muscles.  

Heavy Hands

The next “secret” is full-body, aerobic exercise: walking with Heavy Hands. No exercise will stimulate your metabolism and fat burning more than walking with light hand weights starting with one pound in each hand for at least 30 to 45 minutes at least 3 to 5 times per week.  

The next “secret” is water. Divide your current body weight by 2 and that is the minimum number of ounces of water you need to drink each and every day.  Getting and staying well hydrated will keep your body and your skin clean and radiant.

The next “secret” is sleep. Most people do not realize that chronic exhaustion makes human beings fat. Your goal is 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep every night.  

The next “secret” is healthy fat. And the healthiest fat of all is the essential fat Super Omega-3. I personally take 12 capsules of Super Omega-3 fish oil every day. Super Omega-3 fish oil is awesome for beautiful skin, a sharp brain and memory, and super healthy digestion among other things. Go to my website and to my Online Store and scroll down to Super Omega-3 fish oil. Order at least 3 bottles and start taking at least 3 capsules in the am and 3 capsules in the pm.

A couple of more “secrets” in this, the introduction to our series about the Golden Window of weight (fat) loss.  

Throw it Out

The next “secret” is to keep your house clean. We are all human. It makes no sense to have your favorite chips or other junk food snacks in your house. If you keep this junk in your house, you will eat it. Avoid it`. Throw it out.

The last “secret” for this introduction: never shop hungry. Have a JDD shake BEFORE you go shopping. Have a list and only buy what is on your list of healthy foods. Because if you buy it, you will eat it. If you eat high carb, sugary junk food and/or drinks, you will feel like junk and you will not be happy with how junk food makes your body look. You deserve better. Eating junk food is NOT loving your future body like you love your child. Eating junk food is trashing your future self and your future body. Sugar of any kind is powerfully depressing. Alcohol of any kind is liquid depression. No one needs to be depressed and overweight. These are choices.  

Healthy Choices

Make healthier choices. Why? Because you can. And because you deserve better. Build a life and a body to rejoice in. Start right now. As they say, this is the first day of the rest of your life. As Bob Dylan says: “Don’t look back”. The past is gone forever. It’s a waste of psychic energy to cry over spilt milk.  

All that matters, all we can do anything about is today and tomorrow.

You can do it.

Photo by i yunmai