What Our Clients Say

I've seen Joe speak nine times since our first meeting in 1997. And each time, in the span of only three hours, I've watched him amazingly turn doubters into believers. Those who apply his health and fitness principles often see immediate results -- I mean the next day. I know this because of an 12,000-member organization of CEOs to which I belong, where Joe was not only "speaker of the year", but also widely known in member circles as "the guy who most changed their lives". Joe's an everyday guy with an intense passion for living a high-quality life who speaks in simple layman's terms -- not medical doubletalk -- so he instantly connects. And looking at him, at over 60, you see a physical marvel who walks his talk, proof that living the lifestyle he professes will work. Personally, Joe has been a friend, mentor, and inspiration to my wife and I since the day of our first meeting. Following Joe's physical and nutritional regimen in that time has kept us in the best shapes of our lives at 54 and 47. Thanks, Joe.

— Rick Houcek - President of Soars with Eagles, Inc., an international speaker, and the co-author of 7 books - based in Atlanta, Georgia

Joe Dillon is possibly the most utilized Vistage speaker of all time. His program, Producing Peak Performance, has been given more than 600 times with a cumulative 4.9 rating (out of 5.0) and 100% recommended (that they would hire Joe again to speak to their company). Literally tens of thousands of Vistage members, their families, and their employees have improved their health, fitness, and quality of life from his input. His program is well researched and structured, and focuses on the lifestyle keys that will enable members and their families to effectively cope with and thrive (both personally and professionally) in the stressful times we are experiencing.

— Richard Swanson, Chairman, Vistage International, Inc., the largest CEO membership organization in the world with more than 12,000 CEO members with over 2.1 million employees

Joe Dillon's impact on the health of my 375 employees and the profitability of my company exceeded my expectations by magnitudes. Joe is awesome!
— Bill Kent, CEO, Horner, largest manufacturer of pool heaters in the world, TEC member

Having known Joe for nearly 10 years, I can say that when it comes to nutrition and fitness, no one else puts it all together in a more clear and concise way. He makes sense out of all the fads, hype, and commercialism found in today's fitness and weight loss information. If you want to feel great, look your best, and become a "peak performer", listen to what he says. My wife and I and our children live The Joe Dillon Difference and I recommend Joe and his program to all my patients. We have hired Joe several times now speak to all my patients and their families. Joe is a big hit every time. Joe Dillon changes lives!
— Richard J. Baker, D.D.S., Dentist, Waterford, Michigan

As a dentist and biochemist, I am astounded by the simplicity and accuracy of Joe's explanation of such a complex body of science. Joe Dillon, America's #1 speaker on a Peak Performance Lifestyle, has put it all together in a simple to understand seminar. Commit to his recommendations and enjoy the best health of your life.
— Dr. Stuart Nunnally, D.D.S., M.S. (biochemistry), Marble Falls, TX

Your presentation was part of everyone's conversation throughout the conference, especially at meal functions! Quotes such as "very informative" I plan to incorporate his suggestions into my lifestyle," very well received", "high energy" "great speaker", and "I plan to hire Joe to speak to my company," confirms the consensus of our CEO's that your presentation contributed to a very successful conference.
— Daniel L. Twarog, President, North American Die Casters Association

I first met Joe Dillon when he spoke to the Young President's Organization in July 2001. I have since seen Joe make two additional presentations. Joe's presentation literally changed my life. I had always been an active person dedicated to exercise and I was in good shape. However, I learned from Joe's presentation that I was making several critical mistakes in how I exercised and even more unknowing mistakes with my diet. I had all the discipline but it was not benefiting me fully due to my poor knowledge.

Since that fateful week my body fat fell to a range of 7% - 10% from a starting point of around 17% (after about 3 months as measured by my Tanita scale) and has remained in this range to this very day. My muscle tone turned lean and defined. Even more notable is that my sensitivity to airborne allergens has virtually ended. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly I rarely get sick. I attribute this to my learning how to eat effectively (and also hydrate) and to my vitamin supplementation — all of which I learned from Joe.

Very simply Joe Dillon is a dynamic speaker who holds his audience riveted to his every word. Joe's personal story of one-time heading down the wrong road from a health standpoint and then turning that around is a good one to which many people can relate. Even better is that Joe walks his talk and applies his methods with obvious beneficial effect.

Joe is highly intelligent, a voracious reader and a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about nutrition, health, and exercise. He can talk with the most knowledgeable medical doctors or keep his message very concise and simple for the layman.

I have asked Joe several times when he was going to write his book. Perhaps he is finally getting around to it. I have said that Joe is only one Oprah Show away from the big-time. It is a no-brainer. Joe is the real deal and has the total package: Looks - he walks the walk, unequaled knowledge, and an easy, effective way to communicate and apply that knowledge.
— Vincent T. Keller, Harvard M.B.A., CEO of The Keller Group, Knoxville, Tennessee

Joe, your workshops with my team have immense impact every year. With sharper mental focus we are more productive and more profitable than we ever believed possible. And we're looking and feeling better than ever!"
-Lee Benson, CEO, Able Engineering, Phoenix, TEC member

I started my lifestyle changes and following your program about 14 months ago. I have gone from 30% body fat to my present 12%. I have gotten leaner by a total of 67 pounds... My cholesterol went from 213 to 143. My blood pressure went from 130/83 to 110/70. My waist went from 43 to 34 inches. No more indigestion, no more aching knees, my back rarely aches at the end of the day, my mood is great, and I have more energy than I ever had.
— Dr Michael J Miller, DDS

As a diabetic, I can't thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on my life. I have to believe that there was a little divine intervention in hearing you speak to my executive group. Since I heard you speak, I have been able to optimize my fasting glucose, get off all my medications, and I have never felt better.
— Scott Lynch, President and CEO, Lynch Ford, TEC member

Joe Dillon is arguably the only 60+ year old I have ever heard and read who completely understands fitness and health from a non-commercial, no-hype standpoint. Talk about walking the talk. His chiseled body has the look of a 25 year old. His enthusiasm is of an exuberant youth. His knowledge is equal to any Ph.D. exercise physiologist and nutritionist.

As one whose life is consumed by fitness and health with more than a dozen Ironman Triathlon competitions under my belt and dozens of marathons, who continues to play defense on a good amateur ice hockey team and play catcher on men's hardball baseball teams and rapidly approaching my 70th birthday, I have few mentors from whom I can learn. Joe is one. He can enthrall an audience with a 6 hour seminar where folks begrudgingly break for lunch. He writes with clarity and speaks with passion yet simplicity. His dream is to press the buttons in his students that will transform them into fit and healthy people who themselves can be role models for others.

In 1991 I personally authored a text Fit, Firm & 50 which tells all my secrets. I have encouraged Joe to write a book sharing his. He has accomplished this and now possesses a message that can resonate with a large segment of our population that has been turned every way but loose by publications written for quick commercial appeal but little substance for real people to take advantage of. I simply can not recommend Joe Dillon too strongly for his knowledge, sincerity and delivery.
— Jay Lehr, Ph.D., author of 15 books (at last count on Amazon.com) including a fitness book (book title - "Fit at 50"), an international speaker, and one of the fittest 70 year olds in America, Scientific Director of the Heartland Institute (Chicago) and science editor of the new McGraw-Hill Standard Handbook of Environmental Science, Health and Technology, Columbus, Ohio

Joe, we have known each other since 1966 when we were Fitness Instructors in the Marine Corps. Your seminar "The Joe Dillon Difference" has taken our teams to new heights. Joe, I believe in what you do more than ever. Thanks for making a major contribution to the success of our teams. I work your program every day.
— Skip Kenney, Head Men's Swim Coach, Stanford University, 7 Time NCAA Champions, Head Olympic Swimming and Diving Team Coach, Coach of more individual NCAA Champions than any other swim coach in history, Winner of PAC 10 Championship for 25 consecutive years

More than 15 years ago, I heard Joe Dillon address our Navel Air Wing where I was the flight surgeon. I watched him hold the attention of hundreds of reserve officers and enlisted men and women for 3 hours. And, I knew instantly that this was the guy I was looking for. Joe's information is scientifically accurate and tremendously effective. I hired Joe to work with me and my family and I have been practicing The Joe Dillon Difference ever since. I recommend Joe's program to all my patients. Like the good Marine he is, Joe leads by example. This is the guy I want in my foxhole.
— Drewry H. Morris. M.D., Heart Surgeon, Orange County, California Retired Navy Captain and Navy Flight Surgeon

I first met Joe Dillon in 1960 when I was the head football coach and head swim coach at Hillsdale High School in California. Joe was one of the hardest working and most coachable athletes on the swim team. He became an All American swimmer and won the Most Valuable Player trophy his senior year. Joe is a tremendous competitor. He was the guy who anchored all the relays. Joe always swam his best in the biggest meets. Joe, my wife Carol, and I have remained close friends ever since. Carol and I love Joe and The Joe Dillon Difference and do his shakes every day. We have never felt better.
— Dick Vermeil - NFL Coach of the Year, Head Coach of the Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl winning St. Louis Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs, Best Selling Author, International Speaker

My name is Mike Lauesen. I am President and owner of Nicoat. We are a $22 million dollar manufacturing company in Chicago, IL. We formulate and manufacture coatings for the printing industry. We have 35 employees. Our coatings are on the Bicycle and Bee Playing cards, Cosmopolitan and GQ magazines, Odwalla juice labels, and many other brand name consumer products. I have been a member of TEC for fourteen years. TEC is an international professional organization for business owners and CEO's. We meet monthly to discuss business and personal issues. One of the primary goals of TEC is to sponsor professional resource speakers to offer ideas and expand our knowledge base on a variety of business and personal growth topics. In all of my years in TEC and listening to over 100 hundred speakers Joe Dillon ranks number one in affecting real and substantial positive change in my life at both the professional and personal level. His topic is health and nutrition. What could possibly be so powerful about a message that has been "done" by so many before him? The power for Joe Dillon's message comes from both the messenger and the message itself.

The first time I heard Joe Dillon speak was at a TEC spousal with my wife Barbara. Joe's presentation on health and fitness was informative, thought provoking, and motivating. Joe Dillon is a stellar example of excellent health and fitness. In other words, Joe walks his talk, and after listening to him speak we definitely wanted "in." The positive effect of the "Joe Dillon lifestyle" was undeniable. We were so overwhelmed with Joe's presentation we wanted to share this new lifestyle information with friends, family, and co-workers. Assuming all costs, I sponsored Joe to speak to just about everyone I could think of to invite to hear his important message. We invited employees, friends, and families. We had over 100 people attend that first seminar. That was over seven years ago! We have had Joe speak again with the same amazing results. Since that time Joe's message has dramatically impacted countless lives.

Barbara and I have been happily married over 25 years and are blessed to have four happy and healthy children. Joe Dillon gave us the tools to teach our children about embracing a healthy lifestyle. Joe changed our lives and it shows. This is a gift that keeps on giving. We are healthier, happier, and more physically fit than at any other time in our lives. I played baseball and football at the University of Minnesota (1975-1980). I was captain, MVP and All Big Ten both athletically and academically in baseball. While my college career was very successful, having understood the Joe Dillon message certainly would have had a motivating and inspiring effect on my teammates and classmates. The message is important to hear for athletes and non-athletes, men and women, young and old. It makes sense, it is simple to implement (based on a plethora of scientific research that Joe makes sense of) life changing and it works.

Joe Dillon's healthy lifestyle message made a positive and lasting impact on my family's life and the lives of so many others in our community. We continue to share Joe's healthy lifestyle by talking and walking Joe's message. He was our inspiration to change our approach to nutrition and exercise and we remain forever grateful for having met him and changing so many lives.
— Mike Lauesen, C.E.O. and Owner of Nicoat, Inc.

Hello Joe and Sandy,

First of all, I want to thank you both for all of your help this past year! Since meeting Joe and Sandy, my life has completely changed.

I used to accept the notion than getting older meant getting out of shape! I also didn't envision living a long, healthy life. Now, I absolutely expect to live to at least 100, and I am convicted that with maintaining this lifestyle, I can be active for most of my life. It is funny, now when I see people my age and slightly older who are out of shape, I feel like they are shortchanging themselves. I can't believe people allow their lives to decline that way, even though not so long ago, that was me.

When I explain to friends and family how I have modified my lifestyle, it really does seem easy. I tell them the first 30-60 days are tough, but once you make it a habit, you can't even imagine going back to eating without thought. The daily discipline this requires has such tremendous pay-offs, that if people could only focus on that, they would easily get past the initial challenge of behavior modification. Of course, as you know, that is really difficult for most.

There have been times I have had to defend your credentials because you are not an M.D. I have to say I have never met anyone more dedicated to nutrition, fitness and longevity than you! Your obsession with optimal health is far more valuable than any medical certificate, and most importantly, you walk the talk.

It has been an honor working with you. Here is my endorsement your Inner Circle Program. If you would ever like me to speak to a potential client, please let me know.
— John Araujo, President, The Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Company, Downers Grove, Illinois