December 21, 2021

Woman's legs going into swimming pool

Gameplan for the Holidays

Wherever you celebrate the holidays, it is possible to have fun without crashing your program. Here’s your game plan.

If you recall the Joe Dillon Top 10 essentials, water is number 1. When it turns cold, we are inside more where the air is warm and dry. Winter can be dehydrating. As I always say “Drink water at a temperature that is appealing”. When you’re hot and sweaty, cold water is appealing. When it is cold, drink hot broth to hydrate and replace your electrolytes. 
Animal protein is essential #2. In addition to your JDD shakes, bacon and eggs is a great meal anytime. Lots of complete protein and no carbs. When you go to a party, look for the fatty meaty snacks – especially the salty ones. They are yummy, filling and will keep your blood sugar stable. Especially if you are going to imbibe in an alcoholic drink or two.
Number 3: healthy fat. Start your day with a JDD shake made with unsweetened coconut milk which is high fat. To give your shake more staying power, have 4 or 5 pieces of bacon for good fat and salt.
Number 4: Leafy Greens. Make sure you get in at least one big leafy green salad every day for the fiber and phytonutrients. I fill a big bowl with chopped romaine lettuce and other dark greens plus olive oil and salt. If you want it super crunchy, add a big handful of chopped cabbage. 
Number 5: Heavy Hands. Get in your Heavy Hands walk at least 3 days a week. Get outside and get some fresh air. It is invigorating. 
Number 6: Sound Sleep: at least 7-9 hours. Lack of sleep makes you hungry for carbs and impairs your memory. And the more you sleep, the leaner you get.
Your message from Coach Joe: it may be the holidays but don’t neglect your program. Stay on your healthy regimen most of the time. You can still go out at night and enjoy your self at the Christmas and New Years parties. Celebrate. Have fun. Be proactive. Have a JDD shake before you leave for the party so you don’t arrive starved. If you choose to do alcohol, get plenty of fatty meaty snacks into your body to slow down the assimilation. Next day, pound the water. You will recover much quicker. 
Follow your Coach’s game plan and you will have fun and enter the new year without having lost much ground. The average American gains 7 to 12 pounds over the holidays. 

Give yourself and your family the gift of health.

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I promise to reward you and your family for your faith and trust in me.

Thanks again.