2023 Heavy Hands Walking: Part 1

February 16, 2023

Women walking with hand weights

Joe walking with weights

Heavy Hands

Heavy hands walking is a safe, simple, and a practical way to get into shape. As to our 15% / 22% body composition goal, Heavy Hands walking will really wake up your metabolism. Heavy Hands walking also burns a tremendous amount of body fat. Why?  

Heavy Hands is a full body exercise. You will be using your entire body to burn body fat. And because you will be walking at a comfortable pace, without puffing and panting, virtually 100% of what you will burn will be fat – especially your excess body fat. Remember, it takes 4-5 times more oxygen to burn fat than it takes to burn sugar (carbs) or muscle. As you are walking and pumping your hand weights, breathing comfortably, you will be doing true full-body aerobic exercise. Heavy Hands will build and strengthen your heart, your lungs and your circulatory system so you can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your body and especially to your brain. One of the best indicators of a person’s fitness and endurance level is their resting heart rate. You want a big, strong athletic heart. Your goal is to become an athlete in training. This is another of those smaller goals that leads to much bigger goals. In this case: maximum health span – live a long time with clarity and full functionality.

In addition to burning off body fat, you will strengthen and tone your entire body. And Heavy Hands is a phenomenal core exercise including your abs and your lower back. Heavy Hands walking is an ideal exercise to get lean because you will burn body and, simultaneously, build and enhance your muscles and bones.

So how do we do Heavy Hands walking exactly?

Before we start, if you are exercising first thing in the morning, you need to drink ½ of a JDD shake before your workout. Why? To protect your lean body mass: your muscles, bones, organs and the fluids of your body.

JDD shake instructions

The Process: Get up and make and drink your shake before you put on your workout clothes. If you don’t want to wake your family, make your pre-workout shake the night before. Pour it into a 1 liter Nalgene bottle. Put your pre-workout JDD shake in your refrigerator. When you get up early the next morning, simply shake up your pre-made JDD shake, drink it down, put on your workout gear and your are ready to go. Notice: there is very little fat in your pre-workout JDD shake. We want to get he highest quality protein in the world into your body. Whey protein isolate is not only the highest quality protein, it is absorbed by your body faster than any other protein.


A short history of pre-workout shakes and the results: I began advocating JDD pre-workout shakes in 1979 to the Mission Viejo Nadadores swim team. They are in the water training by 5:30 am every morning, 6 days a week. Swimming. At first the swimmers were very reluctant to eat or drink anything except water before practice. We have always been told: never eat and then swim – you will get cramps and die. The early adapters began to tentatively experiment with their ½ JDD pre-workout shakes. Within a few days, those who did a ½ JDD shake before practice realized they had more energy and better workouts. Within a few weeks many swimmers were drinking a full JDD pre-workout shake every morning at home as they were getting ready to drive to the pool. They had awesome workouts. What about getting leaner? The swimmers who fully adopted the Joe Dillon shake and nutrition program got very lean. How lean? One male swimmer got down to 4% body fat. He won 2 Olympic Gold medals in the 1984 Olympics and set 2 world records. One female swimmer got down to 8% body fat. She won 2 Gold medals and 2 Silver Olympic medals at the 1984 Olympics. Over the 8 years I worked with the Nadadores swim team, we won 48 National Team Championships. And 20 of the swimmers and divers that I worked with on the those Nadadores teams won one or more Olympic Gold medals.

I just wanted to reassure you that what I am teaching you is tried and true at the highest levels of fitness and competition.

Let’s begin to explore how and why Heavy Hands walking will potentially get you into the best shape of your life. As an overview, here are some guidelines to keep in mind. Form: The better your form, the better your results. Full range of movement: it is not about speed. It is about form and doing each movement to full range. All the way up. All the way down. Let’s begin.

Joe walking with hand weights

Joe walking with weights

As you can see, you are walking. Note: you are not race walking or power walking. Your pace is a comfortable 3 miles an hour or about a 20 minute mile. As you are walking, you are pumping light hand weights or dumbbells starting with one pound in each hand.  The routine is one pump per step. Every time your left hand pumps up, your right foot steps forward. Every time your right hand pumps up, your left foot steps forward. Left right, left right. Every time you pump your left arm, you count. You count 25 left arm pumps, then you begin the first of 3 variations.


Alternative heavy hands step1

Alternative heavy hands step 2

The first of the 3 variations are Chest Flyes. As you can see, you bring your hands up to chest height, knuckles facing each other. Notice: you are bringing your hands up as your left foot steps forward. Your hands should be roughly nipple height. Then as your left foot steps forward, keeping your elbows at approximately a 90 degree angle, bring your elbows back until you feel a good stretch in your chest muscles – your pecs. You should also feel your back muscles. This is a great move for improving your posture. As your right foot steps forward, bring your hands back together in front of your chest. Each time you bring your elbows back, count. Do one set of 25 repetitions.


Once you have completed one set of 25 Chest Flyes, go back to Pumping and walking for a count of 25 left arms pumps. So you can begin to see, you will start with Pump & Walk. Then you do one set 25 repetitions of the first variation Chest Flyes. Then you will do one set of Pump & Walk for a count of 25 left arm pumps.

End of part one. Thank you for listening.

Talk with you soon.