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Power Sleep: The Revolutionary Program That Prepares Your Mind for Peak Performance James B. Maas, M.D., et al Collins 1999
Where you start reading this book will probably say a lot about your
current station in life. New parents will probably skip right to
chapter 12 and the section subtitled "Tips for Exhausted Parents of
Newborns, Infants, and Children." Drowsy office workers might go for
chapter 9, which explores the subject of midday naps (which may reduce
stress and the risk of heart disease). Other chapters look at traveling
(driving, jet lag), shift work, and insomnia and other sleep disorders.
Dr. James Maas has spent 34 years lecturing to drowsy psychology
undergraduates at Cornell University , and knows how to hold an
audience--even when the subject is sleep, and even when the conclusion
is that most of us don't get enough of it. This is a fascinating book;
you'll want to take it in slowly and then sleep on it.


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