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Hydration / Water


Stable Blood Sugar/ Nutrition


Full Body Aerobic Exercise


Full Body Aerobic Exercise : Flexibility


Strength Training (Recommended for Men who are 15% Body Fat or Less, and Women who are 22% Body Fat or Less)


Strength Training : Shoulder Problems


Listen to YOUR Body/ Body Composition


Listen to YOUR Body/ Stress Management








Joe's Book List


Full Body Aerobic Exercise


Aerobics - Kenneth Cooper, M.D.- Bantam - 1983


This book, although 40 years old, is excellent. It is presented in a logical, easy to understand format. The information in the book is based on research that Doctor Cooper did as an Air Force doc in Texas


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Fitness and Health (5 th Edition) - Brian J. Sharkey, Ph.D. - Human Kinetics - 2002


Very easy to read and to understand. This book is especially good for people interested in going deeper into the subject from every different point of view. This in not for people who simply want to be told how to gain health and fitness, but it's for people who also want to know why...


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The Heavy Hands Walking Book - Leonard Schwartz, M.D. - Panaerobics Press - 1990


I remain convinced that this is the best program for weight loss and improvement in overall physical fitness.


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